Engagement rings 101- the 4 C’s


Nowadays many brides and grooms shop for engagement rings together. It doesn’t really take away from the surprise. The ‘commitment talk’ has taken place and you both know that the question will be popped soon but your boyfriend wants to make sure that he chooses the right ring for you. After all it will be on your finger forever! And he wants to please you.

Men may not know about rings but they do know that girls usually have a specific tastes when it comes to their jewelry! There are so many cuts, and styles to choose from that they need some guidance…

Let’s start with the basics. Engagement rings 101. The 4 (+3)  ”C’s”.

*Carat – The weight of the diamond. One carat is 1/5 gram or 200 milligrams.

*Clarity-Refers to how many or how little blemishes are in the diamond.

*Cut – Is different from the shape of the diamond. The cut is about the different facets and how it reflects the light. A well-cut diamond will really sparkle in the light.

*Color– You want the least amount of color possible.

*Certification – You want to make sure that your diamond is an ACS or GIA certified diamond. This provides an official detailed report on the shape, weight, cut of your diamond.

*Conflict-free – Many diamonds on the market are obtained due to human rights abuses, child labor, violence, or environmental degradation. Please make sure that your retailer guarantees “conflict-free” diamonds, and purchases diamonds ONLY through legal sources.

All of these things will determine the price of your ring.  James Allen has an excellent education section on their website.

*The cost

Traditionally, a man is expected to spend the equivalent of two months salary. Spending less than that nowadays is acceptable. Saving up for the ring will show your families that you made a conscious effort to save up and propose to her. This also shows the family how responsible you are: if you can save up for a ring, you’ll be able to save up for a house down payment.