How To Work With a Wedding Coordinator

Many people will be working behind the scenes for you in order to make your wedding wishes come true. The success of your wedding truly depends on how much of a team effort it was and how clearly your requests were communicated to the right people.

Here are some of the things to think about as a bride:

As a day-of coordinator, I always ask brides for a vendor contact list. This allows me to contact vendors directly if they are running late or if I have any questions.

I also go through the specific timeline with brides to make sure that everything is in the sequence that they want. For instance, some brides want to toast after cake-cutting, instead of before. As long as this is communicated before, then everything will flow smoothly.

It’s a good thing to provide your photographer with a shot list so they know in advance who they will be taking pictures of. If your wedding is at night and you request a shot with 40 people in it, they may need to plan for special equipment in order to get the shot.

Your planner or ‘day-of’ coordinator should have a reserved seating chart for your ceremony. You will need to decide where your parents and immediate family will be sitting during the ceremony.

The facility manager should have your table layout if you are having reserved seating for your reception. What are your tables names (if any) and where will they be located? You may consider drawing a chart to make sure that things crystal clear.

If you will be providing personal items (disposable cameras, champagne flutes, cake cutter, guestbook, photos, slideshow DVD…) then it’s best to have an inventory list to minimize any losses. This sheet can also be used for any specific instructions regarding the items listed. If you have a specific request as to where the photos or guestbook should be placed, let them know on the inventory sheet.

The more your wedding staff knows, the better things will flow.