Organising Your Wedding Hair and Make-up

Even if you’re on a budget wedding, I think it’s necessary to splurge a little on hair/make-up. You want to hire a professional who knows how to make you look your best, who knows how to translate your vision into reality and who has the training to make all of it stay in place!

Generally trial runs are included in the final price of the fee. Before you go do your trial do some research to see what hair styles you like (bun, half-up do…) and make-up you are going for (subtle, natural, dramatic…) It might even help to bring in some magazine clippings of images that you like. Do not straighten or style your hair on the day of the trial (or on your wedding day). They need to know what your hair is like naturally to be able to work with it.

For instance, I knew that Tyler loves my hair in a half-up do so I knew that I would do my hair that way. And make-up wise I wanted to erase my flaws and play up my features for an overall natural but “better me” look.

On the day of our wedding the temperature was 104F degrees and it was really humid. I was sweating…a lot! But somehow my make-up stayed on my face, and the curls in my hair didn’t frizz or straighten out. It’s amazing to me that I didn’t look sweaty or streaky in my pictures!

The woman who did my make-up was actually Miss USA a few years ago, so she knew how to apply it so it wold look good and last!!

Thanks so much Patti!!

Questions to ask:

*Before you even call them up, look to see if they have reviews online (start at

*What’s your background? Where did you learn how to do hair/ make-up?

*How do you make sure that the hair/make-up will stay?

*What is included in the fee?

*What happens if I change my mind after the trial session?

*Could you travel to the venue and do my hair/make-up on location? Is there an extra fee for this?

*What items will I need on the day of the wedding for retouches (lip stick, lip liner, foundation powder…) Write down the specifics so you can purchase these items yourself to have handy on the day of.

*If you are thinking of doing a spray tan, talk to your make-up artist (and photographer) to see what they recommend.

*Will they provide a special price if you have hair/make-up done for your bridesmaids, Moms…