Advice For Booking a Wedding DJ


It is very important that you and your DJ determine who will be the MC before your reception. Usually the DJ will also your MC. Sometimes people will have one DJ and one MC. and then other times the DJ will refuse to MC…this is why you need to clarify beforehand who will be your MC.

You will need someone to introduce you and your bridal party to your guests, get everyone’s attention for the cake cutting, garter toss, bouquet toss, and just keep the flow of the evening going. For instance, if your guests are not dancing and need a little nudge, then the right DJ can encourage them to do so.

A few weeks before the big day you should give your DJ the list containing the names (and pronunciations) of everyone from your bridal party that you would like to have introduced.

You should also be able to tell your DJ what style of music you’d like to have at your ceremony: are you and your groom more hip/hop or pop? We are such a music lovers that we actually burnt a bunch of CD’s for the DJ with all of our favorite songs on them. This way the DJ could choose from our CD’s and there would be no weird musical surprises!

The DJ will also need a list of your “specialty songs” – see blog about this.

Once you have found a potential DJ, check out their website see how it looks, observe their style and read about what they do.  Also, go to to see what kind of reviews they have received from other brides.

…once you’re on the phone with them use this helpful list of questions:

*Will you act as our MC?

*Are you available on my date? do you require a deposit?

*Have you worked with our venue before? Or can you recommend a venue? (It’s ideal when the DJ has already worked in a venue beforehand, so they know how/where to set up, know how the Wedding Directors work…etc.)

*Can you also provide music and speakers for the ceremony?

*Do you have your own song forms so I can fill out our bridal party names, song preferences, and special songs?

*Will you provide the sound system?

*How involved will you be during our wedding reception?

*How many hours is the contract for?

*How many songs do you have in your library? How often do you update your song list? (Not a necessary question, but I’d be curious to see the number and also whether or not they have new songs. Some reputable DJ’s such as Black Tie Events in Atlanta, may have up to 5,000 songs in their playlist.)

*How many weddings do you work per week? (This can give you an idea of how much business they get and how good they really are.)

Your DJ needs to be accommodating to you and your wishes whether you want to have quiet background music or to dance the night away!